196. Average Baggage Weights – Proposals for the ATA Baggage Subcommittee


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K S Van Dyke: 196. Average Baggage Weights – Proposals for the ATA Baggage Subcommittee. 1958.



Airlines are still plagued by the legal situation in Civil Air Regulations (CAR) which do not permit the use of averages in the weight and balance control systems. This paper deals with gathering data to substantiate the use of average check bag and cabin bag weights to reduce the complexity of computations incident to flight departure. As almost its final cut, the CAA made the following change to CAR: ‘In determining compliance with the applicable airworthiness requirements in operating limitations and approved weight and balance control, a system based on average, assumed, or estimated weights may be utilized’ This change along with sampling done by airlines helped to provide reliable statistical data to present to the FAA to accept this approach to simplify balancing methods for carriers.
As a result the FAA was very favorably impressed by the approach of the Air Transport Association in this matter. They have conducted some spot surveys of their own which have corroborated the essence of the survey figures if not the exact averages we had presented. Those closest to the Government operations expect approval in some measure, and the before too very long.


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