203. A Simple Method for Determination of the Maximum Payload


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R Heer: 203. A Simple Method for Determination of the Maximum Payload. In: 17th Annual Conference, Belmont Plaza Hotel, New York, New York, May 19-22, pp. 7, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., New York, New York, 1958.



This paper was presented at the Airline Session, Seventeenth National Conference of the S.A.W.E. May 19-22, 1958, Belmont Plaza Hotel, New York, New York.
The method of Payload Computation described herein enables us to determine the max. allowable Payload based on fuel (Total fuel and Trip fuel) and the know Gross Weight Limits. The application of this system eliminates the various calculations which were necessary on the Loadsheet till now. The computer offers further the advantages to decide the max. Total Fuel, if the actual Payload and Trip fuel are given. The Payloads mentioned on the computer are based on a Standard Operating Weight Empty composed of a Fleet Basic Weight, Standard Pantry and Crew Weights.
This paper goes over the variables and provides some examples from the Payload Computer. After a short time of training it is possible to use the Computer very simply and thus eliminate considerable work and with a system which is practically foolproof. The present model serves only to illustrate the method.


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