205. Preliminary Results of a Passenger Seating Survey


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J R McCarty: 205. Preliminary Results of a Passenger Seating Survey. 1958.



This paper was presented at the Airline Session, Seventeenth National Conference of the S.A.W.E. May 19-22, 1958, Belmont Plaza Hotel, New York, New York.
The purpose of this paper is to give the preliminary results of a passenger seating survey conducted by United Air Lines the week of March 19 through 25, 1958. As of this date there has not been sufficient time to analize the date to any greater extent than is given herein.
As far as this preliminary report goes, there is every indication that the passenger loading assumption of Window Seats First, commonly used by the Airlines in determining their loading charts, is basically valid. However, if this assumption is to stand on its own merits, it appears that some modifying factor, such as the grouping of passengers, is necessary to adequately cover certain regions of the basic assumption.


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