209. Loadability of the Vickers Vanguard 951


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S D Dickens: 209. Loadability of the Vickers Vanguard 951. 1958.



This paper explains the loadability of the Vickers Vanguard 951 aircraft. Section 1 shows the geometry and layout of the standard version of the aircraft. Section 2 details the cargo hold locations, dimensions and handling facilities. Section 3 discusses the guaranteed balance requirement and discusses the passenger loading, sub-division of the holds and allowance for movement in flight. Section 4 discusses distribution of loads in the holds through vector diagrams and includes proposed methods of distribution and usability of the holds. Figures include the external side, top and front view of the aircraft, the seating and cargo layout for the standard version (top and side view), cargo hold capacities and dimensions, cargo hold handling equipment, cargo hold vector diagrams and the usability of the cargo hold diagram.


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