210. Rolling Type Alighting Gear Weight Estimation


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C R Liebermann: 210. Rolling Type Alighting Gear Weight Estimation. 1959.



A realistic method of estimating the weight of rolling type alighting gear by functional component is presented in this paper. The functional component estimating methods discussed are basically semi-analytical, and though rationalized to a certain extent, they are not steeped with empiricism so as to make them impervious to further scrutiny and revision. Specifically, the methods of approach utilized throughout this presentation are based upon design criteria as related to specification requirements and are considered to be applicable to any weight estimating phase dependent, upon the weight analyst’s resourcefulness in applying fundamental principles. The following functional items are discussed within the body of this paper, Tires and Tubes, Air, Wheels, Brakes and Brake Mechanism and Controls, Structural Gear and Associated Structural Gear Mechanism and Controls and Miscellaneous Items including Shimmy Dampers, Antiskid Devices, etc.


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