211. New Concepts in Missile Electrical and Electronic Component Intercabling


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R F Benskin: 211. New Concepts in Missile Electrical and Electronic Component Intercabling. 1959.



This paper is a study of missile wiring systems and certain newly available materials. It is presented with the hope of contributing a challenge to weight engineers to investigate the problem and encourage designers to apply new methods. Directly related to the weight problem in missile wiring has been a tendency to cling to the use of individual wires to make up a cable. With present day cables comprising hundreds of wires, the answer to this problem is to base our cable construction on modules of ten or more wires. Using a module system we can eliminate the unnecessary insulation of individual wires. Instrumentation wire gauges are customarily determined by mechanical handling properties, but use of a module system would enable selection on electrical properties only.
This paper presents two new wiring systems, System I is a combination of flat multi-conductor cables for low and medium power levels, and aluminum conductor cables for high power levels and System II contains flexible printed wiring for all power requirements. Tables are included which compare conventional wiring weights with those provided by each system. Thus, it is possible to apply the appropriate wire lengths and sizes to determine the weight reduction on any missile wiring system. This paper concludes by showing the weight savings of each of the two new wiring systems on a typical IRBM.


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