212. The Use of the IBM 704 in the Redstone and Jupiter Weight Program


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C W Cochrane: 212. The Use of the IBM 704 in the Redstone and Jupiter Weight Program. 1959.



The advent of the high speed, large storage capacity computer has presented the Weight Engineer with a most valuable aid. Through utilization of this type computer, increased time can be devoted to the creative aspects of the weight function by minimizing the time required for routine weight activities.
This paper presents an approach to both computer programs development and detailed programming that has proven most successful in connection with the Redstone and Jupiter missile programs.
The program development discussed includes the various criteria that have been established for computer utilization as well as the general approach to computer solution of various weight reporting and control problems.
The detailed program presented outlines the actual computer setup, logic, and output. Covered in less detail are the programs used for engine performance calculation and missile mass characteristics versus burning time. The appendix included contains the complete card decision instructions and indicates under all possible circumstances what use the computer is to make of a particular card, i.e., it is valid, it is not valid, use the following card, or an error exists.


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