217. A Method of Preliminary Weight Estimation for Liquid Rocket Propulsion Systems


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D L Carter, L G King: 217. A Method of Preliminary Weight Estimation for Liquid Rocket Propulsion Systems. 1959.



A method of weight analysis for Liquid propellant rocket engines is presented in this paper to assist members of preliminary design groups in evaluating rocket engine proposals for design optimization studies. The analysis includes methods for estimating the weight of thrust chambers, pumps, and turbines. These components total approximately seventy percent of the over-all rocket engine weight. A brief description of a typical rocket engine is included to familiarize those not directly associated in the missile and rocket engine industry with mechanics of operation and major components.
The sections of this paper assigned to weight analysis procedures for the fuel and oxidizer pumps, turbine, and thrust chamber can be considered in their entirety as separate papers. Each section includes a table of contents, an introduction, description of nomenclature, discussion of weight equation derivations for major component detail parts and a summation method. The Evaluation of Method section of this paper is devoted to a general treatise on determination of miscellaneous subsystem weights.


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