249. Flight Test Weight Operations in R&D Missile Flights


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C E Kholer, A U Schultz, M Franke, C R Harter: 249. Flight Test Weight Operations in R&D Missile Flights. 1961.



Beginning with the Pre design Group, missile weights and configuration are planned to achieve objectives of specific missions. As the missile is assembled, component weights and configuration are monitored. Prior to leaving the factory, the missile is weighed. The weight and C. G. data are put into a handbook which thereafter remains with the individual missile, for inclusion of post-delivery weight changes.
Upon arrival at the launch facility, the missile is again weighed for comparison to factory weights, Six weeks prior to flight a ‘Current Performance Weight Summary’ report is published. The handbook accompanying the missile is maintained on a daily basis as the missile is processed thru hangar checkout and assembly. Another weighing is performed just before the missile is moved to the launch complex. A report, ‘Load and Weight Parameters’ is published three weeks prior to flight which predicts the flight weight parameters in detail.
The weight is checked again with the launcher weighing system upon missile erection. A daily overage and shortage list together with the handbook is maintained until flight. Propellant tanking procedures are checked and modified, if required, based on a study of the current flight configuration and the simulated flight trajectory. Propellant tanking tests and tankings for flight readiness firings are performed to verify procedures and weight of propellants loaded.
During launch operations, weight ‘red line’ values as well as loading controls are monitored. After missile flight, all weight information including telemetered data during flight is accumulated and presented in the ‘Post Flight Weight’ report. This is the final weight work on an individual missile. Apparent discrepancies between actual and predicted weights are statistically analyzed for use in improving weight control on future flights.


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