259. Rib Weight Estimation by Structural Analysis


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C R Ritter: 259. Rib Weight Estimation by Structural Analysis. 1960.



This paper was presented at the Nineteenth Annual National Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers at Los Angeles, California, May 16-19, 1960. It describes a simplified method of performing structural analysis of wing ribs so that a higher fidelity weight estimate can be made as compared to estimates of rib weight based on parametric data. The proposed methodology considers both flexural strength and structural rigidity. Loads on both standard ribs and special ribs, which may include additional loads due to fuel tanks and landing gear, are addressed. An example of the computations necessary to apply the proposed method to a tank end rib is provided. The estimated weight of the tank end rib is then compared to the known weight for the manufactured rib and the results show good agreement.


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