330. The Protective Level Concept of Airplane Balance Control


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J R McCarty: 330. The Protective Level Concept of Airplane Balance Control. 1962.



This paper was presented at the Twenty-first Annual National Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers at Seattle, Washington, May 14-17, 1962. It is the purpose of this report to present the data and statistical techniques that have been collected, analyzed and developed pursuant to the airplane balance control system which will be known as the Protective Level Concept.
Although we would like to suggest that this concept is completely new, it is in reality the evolutionary result of pervious work done by United Air Lines, primarily in connection with passenger distribution and average baggage weight. Nevertheless, the application of statistical techniques to the airplane balance control problem, and the greater control and knowledge associated therewith, is considered to be a significant development in the field of airline weight and balance.


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