340. Applied Weight Engineering in Electronics


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N Rogers: 340. Applied Weight Engineering in Electronics. 1962.



This paper was presented at the Twenty-first Annual National Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers at Seattle, Washington, May 14-17, 1962. To reach desired levels of spacecraft performance, aerospace electronic design specifications stipulate stringent weight figures for mandatory lightweight equipment. Customary approaches have not been effective in achieving satisfactory results. This paper examines some of the weight control problems of the electronic industry and exposes the inadequacies of traditional methods. Effectiveness and cost of weight control procedures are discussed based on the anticipated demands of future projects. A plan is offered to assure compliance with impending weight requirements in the concept of ‘Applied Weight Engineering’. The establishment of a Central Weight Group is proposed as an efficient means of supplying technical assistance to all in-house projects which are required to generate light-weight equipment designs. The capability and economy of this scheme are discussed. The use of modern computer techniques is suggested as a means to obtain additional economy. Finally, company benefits to be gained from the adoption of the principles of applied weight engineering are reviewed.


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