350. Automation of Load Control and Load Dispatch Functions Under Computer Control


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A G Henry: 350. Automation of Load Control and Load Dispatch Functions Under Computer Control. 1962.



This paper was presented at the Twenty-first Annual National Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers at Seattle, Washington, May 14-17, 1962. The object of this paper is to show how the use of an electronic computer can greatly assist the Station Operating Staff in their functions at a time when both the volume of airline traffic and the number and capacity of flights are increasing steadily.
The system envisaged will not replace the Load Agent but will rather reduce the volume of routine work and calculations he must perform and so leave him free to make greater use of his professional experience to make necessary decisions. In addition to supplying automatically all the information normally used in planning each flight, the computer would also provide the weight of cargo at downline stations which could be routed on subsequent legs of the flight. This information, together with similar details of downline passenger booking, will enable each leg of the flight to be planned in the light of demands over the other legs.
The speed and capacity of the electronic system will enable one central computer to carry out the Weight and Balance, Load Control and Load Dispatch functions for all stations in a large area of an airline network. Both high and low speed communication channels would be used for the transfer of information between stations and the control computer. Input/output equipment would be located at strategic points on each station.
Capacity would be available in the computer system to cover functions related to Load Control; for example a rewarding field would be in the tracing of mishandled items, baggage in particular.
In this electronic Load Control System, basic data input from Flight Dispatch, Cargo Warehouse, Ramp Agent, and Passenger Control points will result in the rapid and accurate preparation and printing of Flight Dispatch documents and cargo messages, considerably reducing the pressure on Station Operating Staff and contributing to more efficient use of payload space available.


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