398. Use and Development of Weight Manifest Tolerances


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W M O’Connor, J R McCarty: 398. Use and Development of Weight Manifest Tolerances. 1963.



1.1 The definite need for ways to expedite the placement of the Weight Manifest on board the airplane has been evident for some time. This last minute problem has been accentuated by the greater distances, and consequent time, between the Load Planning offices, where the Manifest is prepared, and the airplane, where ,the Manifest is delivered.
1.2 Various proposals have been suggested and discussed at different times by the interested parties within United Airlines. An approach that we believe has merit operates as follows. A weight, and if pertinent a center of gravity, tolerance is associated with the gross weight of the airplane. A copy of the Weight Manifest based on the then most current information is provided to the Captain in sufficient time prior to departure to avoid the delays referred to above. . . As long as last minute changes do not cause the tolerance (6) to be exceeded, no revised Manifest is provided. If the tolerances are exceeded, Manifest revision data is of course
1.3 It is the purpose of this report to first develop a method for determining the value of such tolerances on a consistent and repeatable basis, recognizing that different airplane types and configurations may differ.
1.4 Secondly, the procedures required to implement this concept in compliance with the requirements of Civil Air Manual are outlined. Discussions between UA Ramp Services, Flight Operations, Dispatch, and Engineering evolved the general procedures given.
1.5 The FAA 5s requested to approve the proposal of this report that United Air Lines may permissively use weight and CG tolerances calculated in accordance with the method developed and applied in accordance with the outlined procedures.


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