431. SST Weight Sensitivity


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E M Brown: 431. SST Weight Sensitivity. 1964.



It is not the intention of this paper to go into all of the details involved in a weight and balance analysis of the 727 airplane. Almost all of these facts are no different than any other airplane we have operated.
However, the fuel system, and the attendant fuel management, does present a new twist, a t least to United Air Lines, and so is considered deserving of some discussions. It is this area of the weight and balance analysis with which this paper is concerned.
The following pages are excerpted from the United Air Lines report which was compiled prior to certification in support of our operation of the airplane. Basic data relative to the fuel system, sample calculations, and the findings or conclusions of the report are presented. It should be noted that some of the numbers have been revised since the report was written and the airplane has been in operation. However, the method of analysis has not changed.


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