451. The Wooden Nose of Polaris


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J H Patterson, P J Kopcsak: 451. The Wooden Nose of Polaris. 1964.



Preliminary design of the POLARIS A3 nose fairing had stringent parameters. The nose fairing’s primary function were to be the following:
1. Provide aerodynamic and hydrodynamic contouring for the missile.
2. Contribute to missile stability.
3. Provide environmental protection for equipment contained in the nose fairing and equipment section compartments.
4. Provide a means for vertically hoisting the assembled missile.
5. Provide various in-flight capabilities in regard to jettisioning, etc.
This report discusses the selection of a material for the A3 nose fairing after considering the first four items listed above. . Emphasis is placed on weight, strength, and cost in material evaluation.


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