470. Optimum Weight Control of Structural Skins for Missiles and Aircraft Through Abrasive Belt Machining


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P J Queyrel: 470. Optimum Weight Control of Structural Skins for Missiles and Aircraft Through Abrasive Belt Machining. 1965.



The primary method of accomplishing optimum weight control of structural skins for missiles and aircraft by precision sizing through abrasive belt machining should be brought to the attention of all weight engineers
In the aerospace industry. Weight savings is a necessity which results in fuel savings and in overall lower costs. It is the intent of this paper to present to engineers this method of weight control describing and illustrating the available data and also considering the economic effect of this particular weight reduction process. The increased structural strength gained from surface improvement by abrasive belt grinding is remarkable and the cost is readily justifiable when compared with the cost of blasting off the additional unnecessary weight of a missile. The article will also describe weight control methods of reducing the overall thickness of material but leaving excess materials at weld areas to insure weld quality. It is not necessary to sacrifice a great of weight to gain the thickness required at the weld area and current production methods of accomplishing this will be described. Predicting pay loads and targeting capabilities of missiles can be greatly enhanced through the use of abrasive belt machining to gain optimum design thickness of sheet metal used in the construction of these vehicles. Average material as purchased from the producing mills is six to twelve percent overweight because of the limitations in rolling mill equipment and in some case inability to cold reduce some of the newer, high density exotic materials.


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