479. High Temperature Airframe Weight Estimation


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R J Taylor: 479. High Temperature Airframe Weight Estimation. 1965.



Considerable effort has been expended to develop relatively high confidence weight estimation methods for aluminum airframes. However, now that flight in the Mach 3 region is possible, aerodynamic heating has become a prime consideration in aircraft design. Because of the high structural temperatures, aluminum alloys must be replaced by more heat resistant materials such as titanium, Rene 41, columbium, etc. Since very little data is available on high temperature structure, it was felt the accuracy desired for structural weight estimates could be achieved by using proven equations and correcting them to account for the difference in mechanical properties between aluminum and the appropriate high temperature materials. The correction factors for various materials were developed as follows: Step 1. Define major strength criteria designing the airframe, i.e., tensile strength, crippling strength, buckling strength, etc. Step 2. Compute equivalent strength to weight ratios for each criteria, i.e.


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