488. Electronic Load Cells, Their Basic Component Resistance Strain Gages


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L Lucero: 488. Electronic Load Cells, Their Basic Component Resistance Strain Gages. 1965.



This paper is written in three parts. The first part titled ‘Electric Strain Measurement,’ deals with the different types of electrical phenomena which have been tried for measuring and recording strain. The construction of the most common type of resistance strain gage is described.
The second part of this paper ‘Bonded Wire Strain Gage Theory,’ describes in detail the theory of the resistance wire strain gage.’
The third and final part of this paper ‘Load Cells, Old and New,’ deals with the construction of some types of load cells, and discusses some of the newer developments in load cell construction.
This paper is intended to serve as a factual report on the state-of-the-art; excursions into the realm of theory and prophecy are deliberately avoided. For a description of the use and operation of electronic scales, (composed of lead cells and a read out device), the author refers you to SAWE Technical Paper No. 295, ‘Electronic Scales and Precise Weight Determination’ by J. W. Stacey, Jr.


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