498. Introduction to and Remarks About the Inertia Panel


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D O Nevinger: 498. Introduction to and Remarks About the Inertia Panel. 1965.



Inertia is defined as ‘a property manifested by all matter, representing the resistance to any alteration in its state of motion.’ This panel is concerned with the calculation and measurement of this resistance. The Panel is orientated to the field of space and missiles. Many papers of inertia have been made to combine them into a panel presentation. The Panel has been arranged to cover aspects from computation to actual measuring systems.
The Panel consists of the following Technical Papers:
T.P. $#$499 A Rapid Inertia Estimation for Space Boosters by George R. Welsby of Martin Marietta, Denver.
T.P. $#$ 500
T. P. $#$501 Have been cancelled.
T.P. $#$502 Computer Analysis of Dynamics Mass Characteristics by B. C. Spencer of Douglas Aircraft Company Inc.
T.P. $#$503 Selection of Techniques for Measurement of Mass Moment of Inertia by E. C. Harris of Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc.
T.P. $#$504 Determining Moments of Inertia by Using Period Decay Rate of a Mechanical Oscillating System by L.M. Majeski of SPACO Inc. and G. T. Carpenter of NASA-Marshall Space Flight Center.
T.P. $#$505 An Approach to an Automated System for Determination of Mass Moment of Inertia by Claude S. Bridges, Jr. of SPACO, Inc., Lewis E. Booker of SPACO, Inc., and G. T. Carpenter of NASA-Marshall Space Flight Center.
The Panel will be divided into two parts. The first part consists of each panel member presenting his paper and after the ‘coffee break’ the second part will be devoted to a question and answer period.
This is part of a coordinated project to collect and publish a handbook on the subject of Inertia that will benefit both the individual weight engineer and the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers, Inc.
The handbook will cover all fields with the incorporation of papers written for past conferences. A list of these papers are attached and credit will be given to all papers used.
In order to make the handbook a success, each society member is encouraged to participate by sending any literature he has in his possession concerning the subject matter of ‘Inertia.’ Remember, this handbook will be representative of our organization and we want it to be the best.
Any correspondence should be directed to the National Executive Secretary. Our present time limit, for the publication, is one year.


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