514. Unmanned Spacecraft Weight Estimation Handbook


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D R Pence: 514. Unmanned Spacecraft Weight Estimation Handbook. In: 24th Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado, May 17-19, pp. 94, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Denver, Colorado, 1965.



The handbook consists of equations, graphs, and procedures which will allow the gross weight of an unmanned spacecraft, in orbits out to 250,000 miles and with lifetimes up to one year, to be estimated to an accuracy consistent with the determination of concept feasibility. Weight scaling data for a considerable number of subsystem or design options is presented. These scaling laws are based upon empirical data obtained from an analysis of existing spacecraft and propulsion units.
An example weight estimation is shown utilizing an actual spacecraft now in orbit. Appendices are included which tabulate data points and other detailed ground rules used to derive the weight scaling laws.


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