571. Capacitance Sensing for Weight Engineering


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C K Perkins, D G Huber: 571. Capacitance Sensing for Weight Engineering. 1966.



In a typical load cell application, mass is not measured directly, but rather through a series such as: mass – weight – stress – strain – dR – di – etc. Similarly, we can measure mass with a capacitance device through the series: mass – volume and dielectric constant – dC – di – etc. Both measurements require calibration and, indeed, this calibration can be identical in concept. That is, mass can be added incrementally while recording the output. This paper presents a survey of the ways in which capacitance measurements may be employed in weight engineering – specifically measurements of density, level, and mass. Only liquid measurements will be discussed here, although any fluid and, in special cases, solids, may be treated similarly.


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