604. Weight Control for Commercial Ship Design and Construction


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L P Adair: 604. Weight Control for Commercial Ship Design and Construction. 1967.



Naval architects and shipbuilders consider weight estimation as one of the most important design considerations in the preparation of the design and construction of a ship. The naval architect generally proceeds through three steps in the design of a ship with a weight estimate prepared during each phase. The completeness of the weight estimate increases during the design process from an estimate based on experience and/or established factors to an estimate based on plans and specifications. From this point on the shipbuilder carries on the weight estimate in much greater detail. The weight estimate is a tool for the designer and builder and is of no interest to the prospective ship owner except as it influences future revenues of the vessel. The method of weight estimation is uniform throughout the world with greater emphasis being placed on it if Government assistance is required for construction funds. Due to the fact that ship designing and construction would be pure guesswork without a weight estimate, it is mandatory that well-trained and qualified engineers and technicians participate in this facet of the shipbuilding program.


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