620. The Boeing Model 747


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J Bedinger: 620. The Boeing Model 747. 1967.



This paper will discuss the design and development of the Boeing Model 747 from an aircraft designer’s standpoint.
Before we talk about how this airplane was designed, let’s briefly consider why a new type of aircraft is necessary.
As many of you are already aware, the demand for both passenger and cargo air transportation is growing very rapidly. In fact, this increasing traffic is threatening to outstrip the capability of our airport facilities throughout the country. Many experts are predicting that air passenger travel may easily triple in the next ten years. And air cargo could increase tenfold.
It’s true that we could continue to build more and more present size airplanes to handle this traffic increase. But many major airports would become hopelessly congested during peak hours. Same obvious answers, then, are more airports or larger airplanes. The lead time required to build more airport facilities is much longer than that required to design and market a new and larger capacity airplane.


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