644. Government-Industry Committee Workshop Panel Session


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M P Erhard: 644. Government-Industry Committee Workshop Panel Session. 1967.



The primary purpose of the Government-Industry Workshop at the 26th Annual International Conference of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers in May 1967 (Boston, Massachusetts), is to facilitate communication between industry mass properties personnel and their government counterparts. Mass properties problems will be discussed and either resolved or noted for further study by the Government-Industry Committee. The Workshop will be convened on Tuesday afternoon, May 2, in the Independence Room of the Boston-Sheraton Hotel.
The workshop with each major system having its own panel is new this year. This replaces the Government-Industry meeting which covered everything from space to hipbuilding in one general session. The Workshop will have five panels covering the following major systems:
1. Missiles and Space Vehicles
2. Marine
3. Commercial Aircraft
4. Military Aircraft
5. Components and Equipment


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