672. A Proposed Integrated Computer System for Weight Estimating/Control and Parametric Studies


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G E Hirschberg, K K Kanzler: 672. A Proposed Integrated Computer System for Weight Estimating/Control and Parametric Studies. 1968.



The purpose of this paper is to discuss the design and implementation of computer programs to methodically
aid in the accomplishment of the myriad of details required for prompt, meaningful Weight Control.
Advantages and disadvantages of this type of approach will be discussed. In particular, a system concept
developed by Messrs. Kanzler and Hirschberg of Research and Design Corporation will be demonstrated. This
paper does not however go into the depth of detail required to implement the system but is rather intended
as an overall view of the situation.
It is not intended that this system be construed as an ultimate one that can replace the extensive manual
effort required for the conscientious effort needed for effective Weight Control. It should be construed
as an engineering tool to accomplish the task more efficiently and produce more meaningful results.
Hopefully constructive comments from both industry and government will be received and incorporated into
the basic concept. Of course, development and implementation of this system must be undertaken by the
government. However, it is believed by the authors that expression of basic desires on the part of industry,
through media such as technical papers, is imperative. Obviously, a system such as this imposed by the
government, must satisfy the requirements of both government and industry for the worth of the system to
outweigh the disadvantages.


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