681. Obtaining Minimum Weight for the Structural Areas of Electronic Equipment by Use of a Design Handbook


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D Ehrenpreis: 681. Obtaining Minimum Weight for the Structural Areas of Electronic Equipment by Use of a Design Handbook. 1968.



A new engineering analysis and design procedure is offered to contractors by the Naval Avionics Facility Indianapolis. This procedure is to be used to analyze military and commercial airborne electronic and electro-mechanical equipment to help achieve minimum weight and optimum overall system worth. A summary of this procedure is presented in this paper. Minimum weight is to be attained with the aid of an analytical and design tool–the Avionics Structural Analysis Handbook. A quantitative and methodical analytical technique is presented in the handbook to achieve minimum weight by the determination of natural frequencies, deflections, rotations, stresses and margins of safety for critical structural and mechanical members of air-borne electronic and electro-mechanical equipments.
Quantitative guides are presented to help achieve minimum weight and minimum geometric space envelope, as well as optimum performance, dynamic properties and characterists.
A systematic engineering procedure is presented which related accumulated facts regarding known quantities of the military electronic equipment, its components, and the overall system to which the equipment belongs.
The recommended procedure proposed is specially applicable to airborne, helicopter-borne, missile-borne or ground-support military electronic equipment, subjected to severe environment.
The margins of safety versus failure or permanent deformation in buckling, crippling fatigue, tensile pullout, shearout, bending, bearing and thrust are determined.


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