767. The Weight and Balance Life of a Go-Getter Bird


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R E Winger: 767. The Weight and Balance Life of a Go-Getter Bird. 1969.



Today I would like to speak with you about some of the aspect6 and problems of airline weight and-balance. I would like to do this by presenting a first person autobiography of a typical Ozark airplane, from birth to retirement, with special emphasis on its weight and balance life history. I hope you will excuse me if I refer to my from time to time.
I am named an ‘Ozark Go-Getter’ Bird, maybe you have seen my picture in the newspapers or on bill boards lately. Here is a picture of what I looked like. I hope that you will want my picture for your pin-up collection, so I have passed out one of these to each of you along with my current schedule of activities. Also, to make it a litter easier for you to keep track of my, background as I will be giving it to you; I have .passed out a crude ‘family tree’ for your use.


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