787. Weight Engineering as a Career


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G Williams: 787. Weight Engineering as a Career. 1969.



This brochure has been prepared to acquaint you with the field of Weight Engineering as a specialized branch of engineering. Some of the major aspects of Weight Engineering are described in the following pages. No attempt has been made to cover all phases in detail. Brief sections are presented which will convey you through Preliminary Design, Production Design, and Flight Operations, as well as Research and Development stages, as related to Weight Engineering.
Opportunities for personal development, advancement, and professional recognition are highlighted in the section entitled ‘The Future of Weight Engineering’. The ‘Occupational Requirements’ section of the brochure is intended to answer some of your questions concerning qualifications and aptitudes necessary for entry into this field. Your local chapter of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers will be delighted to render additional assistance in answering questions.
It is the hope of the Society that this brochure will kindle your interest and lead you to consider a career in Weight Engineering.


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