822. Weight Optimization Using Geometric Programming


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W L Dr. Moss, J A Boddy: 822. Weight Optimization Using Geometric Programming. 1970.



The problem of optimization is always of prime importance to the mass properties engineer, especially those involved in preliminary design tasks. With the advent of the computer, many new methods of optimization have been developed and utilized in design. These methods include steepest descent, gradient techniques, sequential constrained and non-constrained searching techniques, etc., and mathematical programming methods such as linear programming and dynamic programming. The object of this paper is to discuss and review the geometric programming (GP) technique using as an illustration the weight optimization of structural panels. Through this illustration, it is hoped that the technique can be identified in enough detail so that the engineer can apply this method to other problems such as weight minimization of a subsystem of a vehicle, cost minimization on maximum performance of a total system which has weights, volume, power constraints.


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