851. Computerized Control and Accounting of Mass Properties for a Production Vehicle


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C J Mauck, F L Stewart: 851. Computerized Control and Accounting of Mass Properties for a Production Vehicle. 1970.



This paper describes the use of the computer in solving the problems associated with the assembly of a production space vehicle with accurately controlled mass properties. The uniqueness of the problem lay in meeting the following parameters: 1. The vehicle would be assembled in three separate, interchangeable packages. Two of these packages would contribute 30 percent of the total mass and one package 70 percent of the total mass. 2. The ballast weights for dynamic balancing of the entire vehicle would be incorporated in the largest package. 3. The ballast weights would have to be determined and incorporated prior to mass property measurements of the largest package. 4. Field interchangeability without further mass property verification would be required for several components. 5. Random selection of components would be required for all assemblies. 6. Components’ would have no specific requirement for weight tolerance. The basic problems were solved by using the computer in an automated system of data collection, storage, and retrieval. Conventional codes were adapted to production use so that (1) the required ballast weights for each vehicle could be accurately determined and located, (2) mass property accounting records could be maintained, and (3) measurement results could be statistically analyzed. Confirmation of the interchangeability of assemblies and components was made using a modified Monte Carlo code which statistically evaluated all 10 mass properties.


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