881. Testing of Two Integral Weight and Balance Systems on the C-7A


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MAJ E Low: 881. Testing of Two Integral Weight and Balance Systems on the C-7A. 1971.



USAF mission-oriented interest in weight and balance systems led to the purchase of two prototypes for the C-7A which could be used on other aircraft. An adaptation of the Fairchild STAN strut pressure system and a BLH strain gauge were installed late in 1969. Installation and maintenance problems are included with systems descriptions, Government requirements, and test results to suggest problem areas for other insta1lations.
All the systems had difficulty compensating for slope. After the Fairchild hydraulic pump was modified that system met most of the requirements. With out some agitation to reduce strut friction error it exceeded limits. The BLH system output was limited by shunting of the load away from the ax1e. It was very sensitive to weight changes and external forces, yet appeared to shift over a period of time. A need exists for weight and balance systems but it is suggested they be carefully matched to the aircraft. Reliability should receive more emphasis now placed on accuracy.


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