894. V/STOL Airplanes With Vectored Thrust Propulsion Systems


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T J Graham: 894. V/STOL Airplanes With Vectored Thrust Propulsion Systems. 1971.



This paper is based on the Harrier airplane designed and produced be Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd. and which uses the Rolls Royce Pegasus engine.
Some basic V/STOL propulsion systems are compared with the vectored thrust concept to establish a basis for selecting vectored thrust. Special design considerations of V/STOL airplanes, with respect to weight and balance, typified by the vectored thrust design are examined. V/STOL airplanes have their own special design considerations because of their high sensitivity with respect to performance of weight and center of gravity – lift – thrust relationship. This paper considers the competitive stature of the vectored thrust V/STOL with a conventional takeoff and landing aircraft with short field capability, on a common basis i.e., when designed to a common set of ground rules.
V/STOL vectored thrust airplanes are competitive in the Close Air Support role. The lower the takeoff and landing distance becomes, the greater is their competiveness.


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