899. The Administration of a Cost/Weight Tradeoff Program


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G W Schmiedeke: 899. The Administration of a Cost/Weight Tradeoff Program. 1971.



This paper presents the administrative techniques of a cost/weight tradeoff program for a modern jet transport airplane. It introduce the concept and philosophy of using a defined cost/weight value as part of basic design criteria and discusses the full scope of a program to assure its overall application to vehicle design. The role of Management and Weight Engineering in Weight Reductions Programs is discussed in detail.
Particular emphasis is placed on the concept of generating and maintaining a large number of weight saving ideas from which Management can select the type and amount of weight reduction that appears desirable for meeting weight guarantees and the competition. Procedures for converting weight saving ideas into actual hardware weight reductions are presented in outline form. Problems associated with assuring weight optimization of subcontract and vendor products are also discussed in detail.


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