912. The Weight Module – A Keystone in the Aircraft Synthesis Program


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R L Crossen: 912. The Weight Module – A Keystone in the Aircraft Synthesis Program. 1972.



The weight module of the aircraft synthesis program must meet the requirement of integrating all of the design parameters into the single parameter, weight or mass of the real vehicle. This requirement forces the weight module to include consideration of aircraft design disciplines which are not separate modules of the total synthesis program. The weight module consists of a series of complex relationships which must consider all facets of the vehicle design. The generalized component weight equation presented is useful for building the computational element of the module, while retaining total flexibility to tailor the module to each specific design problem.
The generalized computational routine makes the engineer an integral part of the synthesis process by requiring him to define the weight equations fours e in any specific application.
Elimination of the need to continually develop new computational routines allows more time to be spent in the area of methods development. The development of improved weight estimation methods is important to the creation of good weight modules for synthesis programs.


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