916. A New Approach to Helicopter Weight Fractions


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T L Hoffman, A R Kampschafer: 916. A New Approach to Helicopter Weight Fractions. In: 31st Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, May 22-25, pp. 16, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, 1972.



This paper proposes a new means of expressing helicopter weight fractions, which the authors believe lead to more equitable conclusions relative to the comparative weight practices.
Whereas thy validity of contemporary weight ratio is dependent upon the dubious consistency
of the contents and value of empty weight and gross weight, these new weight fractions are based upon values which effectively eliminate those elements which are more readily subject to interpretation and/or question. A single common denominator of rotor design, tc, rotor thrust coefficient, is used as the basis for the method.
Also developed and presented is a non-dimensional method to approximate the effect of maneuver criteria on helicopter gross weight.


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