922. Service Life Weight Control Proposal for U. S. Navy Ships


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R G Weaver: 922. Service Life Weight Control Proposal for U. S. Navy Ships. 1972.



As early as 1965, CNO recognized the complexity of planning overhauls for active ships. It was at that time that an instruction was prepared setting the policy for the establishment of the Fleet Modernization Planning Program. Due to the increased complexity of ship alterations and the long lead time required to obtain complex material, it was necessary to extend FMP from the limited approved ship alteration installation plan for the current fiscal year to five additional years. The purpose of the program extension was to provide the means for more comprehensive planning and formulation of the program and to increase the effectiveness of management.
In July 1967, the Stability Branch of NAVSEC prepared a ‘rough’ draft of a weight and stability control program for Ships in Service and indicated that an instruction was forth coming on the subject which should be issued by November 1967. This paper describes the development and underlying principles of the program.


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