923. Weight Classification Using the New Ship Work Breakdown Structure


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H M Peden, E K Straubinger: 923. Weight Classification Using the New Ship Work Breakdown Structure. 1972.



The new Ship Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) has been under active study within the Naval Material Command for approximately two years. This study had as its objective the combining into a single system the functions now served by the following three existing numbering systems.
The Bureau of Ships Consolidated Index of Drawings, Materials and Services Related to Construction and Conversion (BSCI) . This three digit numeric system is used for cost and and weight estimating and reporting, progress reporting for new construction and conversion ships, and drawing numbering, and is the basic numbering system used by the Naval shipyards for work scheduling and control of all types of ship availabilities.
Ships Design and Material, Group 9000 Series, of the Navy Standard Subject Identification Codes (SSIC). This four-digit numeric system is currently used for correspondence, filling, technical document numbering, and numbering *tion of shipbuilding specifications. It is
based on the former Bureau of Ships
Equipment Identification Code numbers (EZC) . This is a seven character, alpha-numeric, functional, equipment identification system used for reporting fleet maintenance a c t i o n s i n connection with the 3-M Maintenance Data Collection Subsystem (MDCS) .
A complete listing of SWBS from 1971 is included in the 179 page paper.


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