924. PERA Weight Control Procedures Past, Present and Future


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E E Benedikt, V L Menta: 924. PERA Weight Control Procedures Past, Present and Future. 1972.



The basic task of PERA (AAW) is the long-range planning of major overhauls for anti-air warfare type ships. The PERA engineering team is a multidisciplinary group which coordinates the preplanning a three year period and through a cyclic sequence of planning stages. At each of these stages, the SHIPALT package is evaluated for its effect upon ship weight and stability, and the results of this study are incorporated in the design of the alteration.
In the past, weight control of naval ships has not been very effective and as a result, ship have reached stability limiting criteria for weight and stability early in their service life. The PERA program provides a coherent structure for weight control; however, there are still areas of weakness. Moreover, recognizable trends in naval shipbuilding indicate specific needs for further stenghtening of the weight control program.
A description of PERA weight control practice is presented with some discussion on directions for future planning.


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