931. A Moment of Gyration Concept


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A J Muhonen: 931. A Moment of Gyration Concept. 1972.



This paper introduces a new concept for solving problems in all branches of mechanics. It is called the MOMENT OF GYRATION CONCEPT. It utilizes Kepler’s Second Law in the solution of the problems related to mechanics and kinematics.
The science that deals with forces and their effects is called mechanics. Kinematics is that branch of mechanics which deals with the motion of particles, lines, and bodies without consideration of the forces required to produce or maintain the motion. Kinetics deals with the force systems that produce accelerated motion of bodies, the inertial properties of the bodies, and the resulting motion of the bodies.
This concept extracts from the inertial properties of bodies the radius of gyration squared product, factors this product into two vectors, one of which can be analyzed by Kepler’s Second Law. This means for a free bounded plane (weight less environment) ‘the line joining the center of gravity to the instantaneous center of each respective principle axis sweep out equal areas in equal intervals of time.’
The scope of this paper, however, is limited to spacecraft and missile applications and includes a Skylab Weightless Environment Experiment proposal to validate the hypothesis of the concept. The testing of this hypothesis in a Skylab Experiment creates a new challenge for data acquisition. A portion of this paper explores a Weightless Environment Experiment proposal.


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