932. L-1011 Computerized Weight Reporting System – Present and Future Capabilities


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R Jones, R Jensen: 932. L-1011 Computerized Weight Reporting System – Present and Future Capabilities. 1972.



The L-1011 reporting system is a card input weight accounting computer program All reports and airplane weight data are generated from a master file (on disc) which is regularly updated by weight personnel.
This system reports detailed airplane weight arid center of gravity for each customer. These weight statements may be reported functionally (AN Weight Statements), by design responsibility, by Vendor or by Job Number. Computerized Weight and Balance Status Reports and Reason for Changes Reports are issued on a regularly scheduled basis. These reports form the basis for developing predicted delivery weights versus specification weights for each customer and assist in warning management of adverse weight trends in a timely manner.
We are considering many applications of computer graphics in weight accounting and reporting. By using a system similar to the IBM 3270 Information Display System, which includes an on-line printer, we can develop a completely automated weight accounting and reporting system. The weight engineer would spend only a very small portion of his time making inputs to the system.
The possibility of performing weight calculations entirely by computer using the newly developed Drafting and Design Program is imminent. Thus, the weight engineer could be freed from making detail calculations of drawings and spend more energy on weight control activity.


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