1019. Fuselage Basic Shell Weight Prediction


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R N Staton: 1019. Fuselage Basic Shell Weight Prediction. In: 33rd Annual Conference, Fort Worth, Texas, May 6-8, pp. 52, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, 1974.



This paper presents a method for prediction of basic fuselage shell weight intended
for use in a weight penalty estimation technique. Consideration is given to internal
loading based on the applied shear and bending loads and minimum gauge requirements.
Expressions for internal loading are developed that are used in conjunction with test
data to determine section sizing. Methods for description of cross sections in terms
of conic segments and techniques for accountability of material and temperature
variation are also given. The method is intended for use as a computerized analysis
tool and the appendices contain a Fortran source listing, output description and
input requirements of a routine written for application of the method as presented.
Application of this method at VSD has been primarily for fighter/attack aircraft but
extension to other aircraft categories should require only minor modification. The
method was developed for use in advanced design studies and is not intended for use
in a detailed design application.


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