1030. Advanced Composites and Their Application to Hydrofoils


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L B Gresczuk, A V Hawley, T White: 1030. Advanced Composites and Their Application to Hydrofoils. 1974.



Over the past 10 years, significant progress
Following a brief review of the advanced composites and their application to structural components
of aircraft, missiles, and space vehicles, studies are presented on potential applications of composites
to various structural components of hydrofoils, including decking, hull, foils, and strut. It is shown
that application of various composites to the hull and decking of a hydrofoil can yield a weight saving of
16 to 51 percent whereas application of composites to struts and foils shows potential weight savings of
~60 percent compared to steel counterparts. Results are also presented on cost effectiveness of composites
as applied to hydrofoils.


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