1041. Methods for the Determination of Gross Weight


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B Saelman: 1041. Methods for the Determination of Gross Weight. 1975.



Several methods for determining gross takeoff weight are discussed. These methods can be described as follows:
Statistical plots of gross weight versus significant design parameters.
Solution for gross weight of a set of four simultaneous equations, consisting of three performance equations
involving gross weight and an equation expressing gross weight as a summation of its component weights.
Simultaneously, aspect ratio, wing area and thrust are uniquely determined.
Application of the growth factor to obtaining gross weight of a derivative for which the gross weight of the base
configuration is known is presented. Forms of the growth factor are discussed in which performance is maintained
constant and in which performance is variant.
Gross weight is shown to be related to the number of passengers for a wide range of commercial aircraft; and to be
related to various parameters such as thrust and payload-range, separately, for two, three and four engine aircraft.
With the conception that gross weight is composed of payload, payload accommodations weight, propulsion system weight,
components relating to lift and ground requirements, and required fuel weight, and with statistical plots pertaining
to each grouping, a simple equation for gross weight is evolved.
The classical approach to obtaining gross weight is noted whereby a value for gross weight is assumed upon which the
individual component weights are weight derived and then summed; then the final gross is obtained through the
convergent iterative process.
The limits and means of extending gross weight are discussed. A brief discussion Of optimum gross weights is


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