1049. Apollo Soyuz Test Project Weights and Mass Properties Operational Management System


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M A Collins, E R Hischke: 1049. Apollo Soyuz Test Project Weights and Mass Properties Operational Management System. 1975.



The Apollo Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) Weight and Mass Properties Operational Management System
was established to assure a timely and authoritative method of acquiring, controlling, generating,
and disseminating an official set of vehicle weights and mass properties data. These data are
utilized by NASA and contractor operational elements in support of the join tUnited States-Russian
spaceflight that is to be conducted in July of 1975.
This paper provides an overview of the system and its interaction with the various aspects of
vehicle and component design, mission planning, hardware and software simulations and verification,
and real-time mission support activities. The effect of vehicle configuration, design maturity,
and consumables updates will be discussed in the context of weight control.
A discussion will be presented of the computerized mass properties input reporting system and the
output generation technique, which use the input data in the classical mass properties equations to
model fluid systems and inert modules and thereby produce semi-automatic data updates. The utilization
of ASTP operational mass properties data in the areas of Mission Planning, Flight Crew and Flight
Controller training, hardware and software evaluation and verification, and real-time support will also
be addressed. Finally, the ASTP Mass Properties System reports and the operational data exchange system,
which influence prelaunch and real-time management decisions, will be summarized.


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