1055. Rotorcraft Technology 1985 – 1990


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E G Lilley: 1055. Rotorcraft Technology 1985 – 1990. 1975.



This paper is the result of literature surveys, personal research and assessment of the direction to which
technology is advancing towards the year 1990. It represents an overall projection of Structures, Sub-systems
and Equipment, highlighting those specific areas where major advances in the state-of-the-art are anticipated
and how those advances will effect the role of the Weight Engineer.
Projection Philosophy is briefly discussed from the standpoint of
(i) Evolution – which are logical extrapolations from the known base and
(ii) Revolution – which are identified as special events or discontinuities from the logical progression
of known technology.
The ideal forecasting methodology is the mixing of both subjective and objective thought processes together with an
analytical technique–this is much more reliable because an opportunity is given to input those changes which fall
into the category of intuitive rather than purely analytical.
Before we attempt to project the future, we must be sure we understand the present. Technological innovations
result from changing motivations. This paper discusses briefly the technology achievements to date, then examines
the possible sociotechnoeconomic environment of the time period discussed, with its obvious influence on aerospace
and in particular the rotary wing field.


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