1065. Liquid Hydrogen – Fuel of the Future?


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R Jenson: 1065. Liquid Hydrogen – Fuel of the Future?. 1975.



The domestic and world supplies of petroleum are not unlimited. It is forecast that before the end of the 20th century,
world oil production will reach a peak and begin a steady decline. A survey of possible substitute fuels reveals that
liquid hydrogen may be the leading contender to replace petroleum. Already, its potential price per BTU is competitive
with JP fuel. Its greater heat of combustion and its negligible impact on air pollution are also very worthwhile
Liquid hydrogen is compared to petroleum-based fuels for propulsion of various types of vehicles. For supersonic
aircraft, a lighter, less costly design can be achieved through the use of this cryogenic fuel. Takeoff weight can be
reduced by more than 40%, operational empty weight and cost by more than 20%. For subsonic, medium-range aircraft,
takeoff and operational weights can be reduced by 20%and l0%, respectively.
A brief review of the methods used to produce this fuel of the future ads to an outline of the ways in which our needs
may be met. For the near term, LH2 can be manufactured from coal or lignite. In the not-too-distant future, nuclear
power of solar collectors cm generate large quantities of hydrogen by electrolysis or by thermochemical splitting of
water. A comparison of relative hazards shows that LH2 is actually safer to use than petroleum fuels.
The rapidly growing air-transportation industry has the most to gain by leading the way into the hydrogen economy and
severing its dependence on a disappearing energy source. After aviation leads the way, hydrogen will readily enter
wider industrial and domestic use, making the world a cleaner and therefore a healthier place to live.


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