1068. Will Design-To-Cost Work Over the Long Haul?


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E H Johnson, R H Nansen: 1068. Will Design-To-Cost Work Over the Long Haul?. 1975.



Design-to-cost has become a popular government procurement discipline, and is considered by proponents as the means by
which future cost effective weapon systems will be acquired. The subject address relates design-to-cost philosophies
with real world problems, and clearly establishes mutual industry/government responsibilities. The analysis reveals
significant problem areas which require resolution by both government and industry, if design-to-cost is to become a
viable procurement discipline.
Problem analysis areas include:
* Typical government program cost history
* Basic causes of program cost growths
* Where the major cost avoidance leverage must be applied
* What is required to accurately predict and control cost
* Comparisons of design-to-cost applications to a commercial producer
* Application of design-to-cost as a life cycle requirement
* What is required to ensure positive long term design-to-cost results.


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