1095. USAF In-Service Weight and Balance System


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T E Oole: 1095. USAF In-Service Weight and Balance System. 1976.



The objective of this paper is to inform all companies which work with Air Force aircraft how the in-service weight and balance system currently works, so that they will have a better understanding of the Air Force’s desire pertaining to how the technical orders for weight and balance should be made up and how they are to be maintained for field use. This paper helps to keep the Chart Es between different aircraft companies similar so that the main in the filed working on different aircraft will not be as confused, thereby eliminating errors.. Also, the paper shows past mistakes so these errors do not reoccur. It also shows the interrelationship between T.O. 1-1B-40, T.O. 1-1B-50, T.O. -5, MIL-W-25140 and MIL-‘5290. This paper presents the Air Force desires pertaining to the technical orders not found in military specifications, and thereby supplements these specifications.


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