1135. Life Cycle Cost – A New Dimension in Design to Cost


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P E Atkinson: 1135. Life Cycle Cost – A New Dimension in Design to Cost. 1976.



Every product has a Life Cycle Cost (LCC). Life Cycle Costs include those for development, acquisition, operation and support for the useful period of time and eventual disposal. We are used to dealing with acquisition cost, and design-to-cost has historically been aimed at reducing the acquisition cost of the product. But, is this the best approach in the DOD market place? Currently, our customer sees the cost of operation and support of defense products as 60 percent of LCC; up from 40 percent 10 yeas ago, and increasing as hardware inventory is retained for longer periods of time. Indeed, DOD is attempting to deal with LCC through both in-house efforts and design-to-LCC contracts.


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